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Marty Shaw, RCA

Hardcover textbook -252 pages bound in a luxurious green leatherette cover and beautifully illustrated with 89 photos.




  • Real estate professionals

  • Arborists

  • Insurance adjusters

  • Attorneys

  • Landscape professionals

  • Green Industry professionals

  • Setting up the appraisal problem

  • Identifying the relevant characteristics

  • Plant physical characteristics

  • Site characteristics

  • Functional benefits of plants

  • Aesthetic landscape use benefit

  • Plant appraisal history

  • Basic appraisal principles

  • Basic appraisal procedures

  • Landscape design primer

  • Approaches to amenity plant value

  • Appraisal methods and techniques

  • Reporting

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Marty Shaw, RCA, BCMA

The first American Society of Consulting Arborist (ASCA) member in Middle Tennessee. 

Served on the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council.

The first Academy Registered Consulting Arborist, and one of only a handful of arborists worldwide who consult full-time.

He has since consulted with private land owners, insurance companies, attorneys, tree companies, cooperative extension service agents, country clubs, state urban forestry organizations, universities, and colleges. He has worked on some of the most challenging, difficult and highest profile cases across the United States. 

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What Experts Are Saying
About Marty's Book:

"I received your book.  It is absolutely beautiful and wealth of information. It is a great reference book.  I cannot wait to take the time to read through it."

-Sherry L. Kaley, CRP
State Certified Real Estate Appraiser
"Marty Shaw has accomplished that which has never before been presented—a remarkable endeavor in the understanding of amenity tree appraisals and approaches to valuation.”
-  Joe Samnik, Expert Tree Consultants
"This book is the most thorough discussion of landscape appraisals that I have ever seen, and should be considered a text book for anyone that has an interest in determining the monetary value of any amenity plant from the largest tree giants to bedding plants in the landscaping."
"One should read the entire book; not just any chapter that seems appropriate to a given situation." 
-Lew Bloch, Registered Consulting Arborist, Certified Arborist, Licensed Landscape Architect and author of Tree Law Cases in the USA
“It is important to have someone like Mr. Shaw because if you don’t, you could lose a lot of money. Professional Plant Appraisers begin with identifying the appraisal problem, scoping out the work and finally reporting the appraisal results. I had no idea there was so much behind the evaluation of vegetation.” – CM
“Being an economics major, this section of our study in Urban Forestry was especially interesting to me, and the fact that a single tree could be appraised for $81,000 like Mr. Shaw’s example formula sheet is amazing. Our class dealing with urban forestry is on the aesthetics side of value. Mr. Shaw also deals more with the aesthetic side of value and is at the forefront of vegetative appraisal. I love when professors bring in experts from the field they teach. It adds validity to the course work and a fresh perspective from someone with hands-on experience in the subject matter. – EM



Joe and Korey sit down with Marty Shaw Author and Owner of Green Season Consulting, based out of Franklin, Tennessee. Listen in as we continue the conversation about amenity tree value, some philosophy, and a lot of education! Guest: Marty Shaw, Author, Artist and Arborist: If you enjoyed the podcast please rate, review, subscribe and tell a fellow tree lover! Questions or topics you would like us to discuss? Send them to Music credit: Cool Tools Music Video - "Timber"


Hosted by: Joe Aiken & Korey Lofy Produced by: Korey Lofy Artwork by: Cara Markiewicz

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